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If you’ve never been to Norway, now is the time. This is one of the most beautiful countries to ski and snowboard in in the world. The people are beautiful and friendly, and you’ll love the warm, cozy feel of the resorts in Norway. No more long queues and packed slopes. Norway’s ski resorts are not as busy as ones you’ll find in Europe and the people here view skiing as more of a natural hobby than an obligatory sport. They love to ski, and the feeling will be infectious to anyone who visits Norway.

Norway ski resorts are modern and efficient and enjoy a long season from November to April. The snow here is light, fluffy powder and there’s lots of it! Nordic skiing is also very popular here, and you’ll find many great places to enjoy it for free or at any of the spectacular ski resorts you’ll find around the country.

Lillehammer is home to Hafjell, location of the Winter Olympics in 1994. Hafjell Alpine Center was the main centre for the alpine competitions during the Olympic Games and it’s here that you’ll find a 7 kilometre ski run, among a good variety of other pistes for all different levels of skiers. Advanced riders will find some great off-piste opportunities with deep, powder snow to play in and snowboarders will love the Fun Park full of fun features. In the village centre you’ll find great award-winning restaurants, shopping and ski in/out accommodations.

Hemsedal is one of northern Europe’s best ski resorts. Located in Norway’s Hallingdal Valley, Hemsedal receives tons of light, fluffy snow and the season stretches right until early May. The village is relaxed and charming, and set in a completely picturesque location. The queue lines are very short so you can spend more time ripping up the slopes than stamping around in anticipation in line. There are 25 chairlifts and 51 slopes on Hemsedal, including terrain parks suited to all levels of shredders. Hemsedal also offers early morning skiing from February to March and night skiing from December to April, so you can ski nearly all day.

Norway skiing
flickr image by Graham Grinner Lewis

One of Norway’s most scenic mountain resorts is Voss, located in the Sogne and Hardanger fjords on the country’s west coast. The pristine wilderness surrounding this resort makes it a perfect place for skiers, photographers, nature lovers and for those who just love to be in a serene setting against the local lake. Voss has eight chairlifts and an aerial cableway accessing 40 kilometres of terrain. Voss caters mostly to intermediate riders, especially those who want to try riding off-piste. Beginners can attend ski school taught by English speaking instructors and advanced riders will find lots of off-piste powder to skim through.

Another one of Norway’s premier ski resorts is Geilo. Geilo’s five ski centres contain 18 ski lifts, and even a “ski-board” tunnel. The hospitable village, which has been welcoming visitors since 1890, has a traditional flare and lots to do, especially for families. This hill is especially great for beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders due to the great, uncrowded slopes that are easy enough for beginners but can be challenging enough for intermediate riders. You’ll also find a great terrain park full of rails, a quarter pipe and jumps.

Skiing and snowboarding in Norway is a truly unforgettable experience. Amidst the breathtaking fjords, pristine mountain lakes you’ll find charming traditional Scandinavian resort villages where the people are warm and friendly and obviously as in love with skiing and snowboarding as you are. You won’t find long lines here, so you’ll spend most of your time actually shredding the powder and enjoy a good, hearty Norwegian meal afterwards. Hospitality and skiing at its finest! See what Norway has in store for you! 

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