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Best ski resorts in Armenia


Come ski the "Gorge of Flowers"! Tsakhkadzor resort city is the only ski resort in Armenia, but provides the country with enough ski adventure for everyone. This gorgeous area is located at an altitude of 1840 metres above sea level and is on the eastern slope of Mount Teghenis.

Tsakhkadzor is considered one of the main tourism and leisure centers in Armenia. It is renowned for its abundant hotels, resort houses, camping and sports installations and once hosted the main winter sports Olympic center of the Soviet Union. Tsakhkadzor eventually became even more popular as a mountain ski resort after a new ropeway system on the slopes of Mount Teghenis was built linking it to two neighboring mountains which created abundant opportunities for skiing on new runs. And if great skiing isn't enough, you can also visit the renowned Kecharis Monastery for an incredible lesson in Armenian history.

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