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Chamonix skiing

Chamonix ski hotels

Chamonix is one of the most important ski resorts in France. Located at an altitude of almost 1035 meters in the Mont Blanc, Chamonix represents the most famous tourist resorts in Eastern France.

This place is world-known for its skiing facilities, being now totally dependent upon, and also in the tourist industry. Being so dependent, it has attracted many developers and entrepreneurs, making this tourist resort the organizer of Winter Olympics (1924) and other important winter sports competitions.

In the summer period, the French town of Chamonix is a beautiful tourist resort for the alpine mountaineers. All these people are drawn in this area because of the many challenges, such as the ones of the Dru, the Fredo Spur, and also many other mountain routes, excellent routes that can be found only in the Mont Blanc area.

Chamonix ski resort

Although Chamonix is just a little town, with a lots of tourist attractions, the area which is linked to Chamonix is huge. One of the most important places in the proximity of the Chamonix town is the Chamonix Valley. The Chamonix Valley is running from the Northeast to the Southeast, being watered by the Arve, which is rising in the Le Tour.

Skiing in Chamonix

This represents a picturesque image, all of the foreign tourists being amazed when seeing the Alps in their great splendor. The Arve is joining the torrent of l’Arveyron, rising in the famous Mer de Glace, very near to the quiet little town of Chamonix. From this marvelous place it can be spotted the snowy, but still beautiful, summit of Mont Blanc, which is rising at 4808 meters from the sea level. Also, the chains of Le Brevent and Aiguilles Rouges can be seen in all their natural, raw beauty.

In conclusion, Chamonix represents a “temple” for the ski enthusiasts, an oasis for the ones that are seeking a little comfort and quiet.

Ski resorts in Chamonix

Why is this place a highly recommended tourist resort? Well, mostly because it is a great tourist destination in the winter, and also in the summer period. For the ski addicts, Chamonix contains one of the most important tracks for ski runs, the Pas de Chevre. This track is the most extreme destination one in the entire world, offering something really unique in the Alps: glacier skiing.


Chamonix ski area


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