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China skiing

China ski hotels
flickr image by Marc van der Chijs

The People’s Republic of China is an up-and-coming country when it comes to skiing. The entire country is developing at an amazing speed, and the ski industry is not staying behind. More and more sports lovers would like to choose their favorite ski tours to China. The sport is not only attracting many of the foreigners living in China, but also becoming increasingly popular with the Chinese. There are many cheap travel deals on the internet.

The number of skiers as well as the number of resorts is growing rapidly, but the quality of both still leaves something to be desired. Be prepared to encounter outdated facilities, poor infrastructure and a lack of organization, as these are all characteristics of skiing in China. Combine this with a lot of beginners on the slopes and you will have an idea of what to expect. China’s ski resorts are located in the North and East of the country, with the Yabuli ski resort being the largest and reputedly the one with the best snow. Most resorts open in November and close between March and May, making the Chinese ski season one of the longest in the world. If you have any time left after your days on the slopes, then don’t forget to visit Beijing and The Great Wall.

Browse China ski resorts:

» Alshan
» Beidahu
» Chanbaishan
» Erlongshan
» Huaibei
» Jingyuetan Ski Area
» Jade Dragon
» Nanshan
» Shijinglong Ski Resort
» Songhua Hu Ski Area
» Tianshan Mountain Ski Resort
» Wanlong Ski Resort
» Xiling
» Yabuli
» Yulongxueshan


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