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Choosing a ski resort

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In choosing a ski resort there are many factors which will influence the decision for snow hounds. Budget is a prime concern while others include location, number of travelers and the skiing you are searching for. Though you may not be choosing between Chamonix or St. Moritz, choosing a ski resort correctly can make or break your vacation.

The best advice is to always pick the mountain that has the greatest variety of terrain when choosing a ski resort. This satisfies a few crucial requirements for your ski trip including having enough variety to keep you interested over multiple days on the downhills.

The other key fact here is that if you are an advanced skier, there are always fewer places on a mountain to ski so you want to make sure there are at least two distinct areas for black diamond seekers. The other consideration is that the greater the terrain, the greater the choice for skiers of all levels so that if there are multiple skiers in your party, everyone stays happy.

choosing a ski resort

The first big question is budget in choosing a ski resort. If money is not an object then the natural place to head is to the biggest resorts in North America or even to the many legendary spots in Europe. These resorts offer full service, huge mountains with many slopes, luxury hotels and towns chalk full of apres-ski delights. Of course, the lift tickets, airline tickets and hotel fees will make this a bill to remember as well. For those on a budget, the main cost in skiing is the travel getting there and the hotel, both factors you can control. The first advice is to pick somewhere you can drive so the incremental cost of adding travelers and pets is zero. The other elements to consider are hotels along the shuttle route that don’t sit right on the slope.

If you are skiing with a family, you may have special requirements. Most families will be spread far apart in their ski experience level. So, obviously, you need a resort that satisfies this need. Beyond this, however, families may need a great ski school for skiing or boarding lessons in both groups or privates. You will also want to check to make sure that day care is provided if you have a pre-ski toddler or a child that refuses to go out. This can be a trip-killer for the others if you cannot drop the little guy into a fun environment with others his age. Finally, with families choosing a ski resort will include making sure that this is a modern, cushy facility with detachable chair lifts and plenty of on-slope restrooms and places to eat. If not, kids will be scared, hungry and needing the warming hut over and over and over.


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