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Greece skiing

Greece ski hotels
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Greece spells ancient beauty and history, combined with scenic landscapes. Located in Southeastern Europe, Greece is more often associated with sun and sandy beaches than with snow and winter sports.

The excellent skiing offered in this mountainous country is no secret to the Greek, but to many Europeans and people from outside Europe, the possibilities are still relatively unknown. Greece has a good number of ski resorts to choose from, with slopes catering to all levels. The bigger resorts have all the facilities you would expect, such as skiing lessons, equipment rental, night skiing, and vibrant après-ski.  

Greece has a fantastic climate and boasts beautiful landscapes. Add to that the low prices for ski-passes, and a season running from December to mid-April, and you start to wonder why you never considered Greece as a skiing destination before. For those days you want to spend off the piste, Greece has many attractions, such as Athens (The Acropolis, The Parthenon), and its numerous islands. Be sure to try the delicious typical Greek food, which is diverse and rich, with lots of cheese, yoghurt, olives, zucchini, and eggplant.

Browse Greece ski resorts:

» Elatochori
» Falakro
» Gerodovrahos
» Kalavrita
» Karpenisi
» Lailias
» Mainalo
» Metsovo
» Mount Vermio
» Paggaio
» Parnassos
» Pertouli
» Pilio
» Pisoderi
» Seli
» Vasilitsa
» Vitsi
» Voras-Kaimakchalan
» 3-5 Pigadia

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