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Haus im Ennstal ski resort, Styria, Austria

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Skiing in Haus im Ennstal provides tradition accompanied with modern amenities.  Located in a smaller Austrian village and Liezen district of Styria, Haus im Ennstal is a popular ski resort for Europeans.  Skiing is the resort’s focus and catering to the needs of its clients is what they do best.  The scenic and alpine wonderland is something you will want to return to on an annual basis.


Hotels and lodging in the area range from the four-star Alpine Resort Edelweiss with comfortable rooms and mountain views from the balcony to the cozy ice chalets and holiday rentals complete with terrace, sunning areas, children’s playground and whirlpool.


The resort offers skiing above 2,000 meters from December through April with opening subject to the snow level.  Snow is reliable in the area and the resort provides access to 35 km of downhill slopes.  There are 15 pistes and a total of 15 ski lifts to transport skiers and snowboarders to their desired destination.  The maximum vertical is 1,270 meters with the highest lift reaching 2,020 meters.

Other Activities

Snowboarding is popular at the resort as well as the children’s play area and skiing grounds.  Small slopes are age appropriate and provide a peace of mind atmosphere for parents prompting their children to start a new sport.

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