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Iran skiing

Visiting Iran, a beautiful country full of contradictions with its mixture of culture, history, and the modern, gives you the opportunity to look beyond the stereotype.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Western Asia and offers skiing in two different mountain ranges-the Zagros Mountains and the Alborz Mountains. The ski season runs from November to May in the Zagros Mountains , and from January to March in the Alborz Mountains. Skiing in Iran is extremely cheap (with lift-passes around $5) and is a good choice for skiers on a budget or for those who would like to have a longer holiday for the same amount of money they would spend in other countries. The Dizin ski resort is the largest and most famous resort in Iran, at about 2 hours driving from Teheran.

The people of Iran are very welcoming and friendly, but visitors are well-advised to adhere to local tradition and customs; women should cover their hair and alcohol is prohibited. The country has a rich artistic tradition and combining your skiing holiday with a visit to Teheran to do some sightseeing and sniff up the Iranian culture will be well worth your time.

Browse Iran ski resorts:

» Dizin
» Mount Tochal
» Shemshak

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