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Kazakhstan skiing

Ski hotels in Kazakhstan
flickr image by Ken and Nyetta

Located in Almaty, the capital and largest city of Kazakhstan, Shymbulak (also called Chimbulak in Russian) Ski Resort is located in the Zaiilisky Alatau Mountain Range. This mountain is at an elevation of 2200 metres above sea level. Visitors can make accommodations at the 4 star hotels at Shymbulak.

The town of Almaty is also hosting the 2011 Asian Winter Games and is bidding for 2018 Winter Olympics. Shymbulak Ski resort is expected to be the venue for both events. This ski area has a number of trails rated Beginners – 25%, Intermediate – 37.5% and Advanced – 37.5%.

This ski area has three lifts which take the skiers uphill to its elevation, 3200 metres above sea level. The lifts are in three sections, one going up to 2260 metres above sea level, the second one going up to 2630 metres above sea level and the third going up all the way to the Talgar pass station.

This ski resort offers a Snow Park for snowboarding enthusiasts and a rental facility for those who don’t wish to drag their skis around while travelling.  In summer, the chairlifts of the ski area are used to transport tourists who wish to enjoy the splendour of the Tian Shan Mountain Range.

Kazakhstan skiing
flickr image by Iwona Erskine-Kellie

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