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Latvia skiing

Ski hotels in Latvia

The Republic of Latvia, located in Northern Europe, offers its visitors varied landscapes and a picturesque scenery that to some bears a resemblance to Switzerland. The country currently has 19 ski resorts, but its mountains do not have sufficient altitude to challenge advanced skiers.

Beginners and intermediate level skiers, however, will have a great time on Latvia’s gentle slopes. Latvia does offer good snow-with the ski season running from December to April-and a lot of cross-country trails to make up for its lack of steep slopes.  

Most of Latvia’s ski resorts, even the smaller ones, offer rental equipment, skiing lessons, and accommodation. The slopes are well-groomed, well-equipped, often lighted, and attract thousands of ski enthusiasts every year. Latvia’s steepest slopes can be found in the ski area of Kakisu Trase, at about 50 km from the country’s capital, Riga.

This ski area is a main attraction for freestylers and snowboarders. The many lifts and slopes available make for very little waiting. The Sigulda resort offers popular bobsled and toboggan runs. 

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