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Poland skiing

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Ski hotels in Poland
flickr image by Szymon Nitka

The Republic of Poland is located in Central Europe and offers great quality skiing and snowboarding for all levels. Millions of ski enthusiasts from Poland and its surrounding countries have been enjoying the wide range of slopes for years, but the country is now also starting to attract a serious number of tourists from all over the world.  

The Polish mountains, in the south of the country, are beautiful and majestic, in summer as well as in winter. The ski season runs from December to March and there are many ski resorts to choose from along (almost) the entire southern border. Hotels and other types of accommodation are available at reasonable prices.

Poland offers many other activities besides skiing and snowboarding, like fishing, climbing, tennis, sledding, paragliding, and ice-skating. For a few hours of relaxations it has many winter health spas with mineralized springs, making it a perfect destination for those who like to combine their skiing with other activities, or for mixed groups of skiers and non-skiers. 

Poland skiing
flickr image by Szymon Nitka

Poland ski resorts:

» Bialka Tatrzanska
» Bania and Kotelnica
» Bukowina Tatrzanska
» Czarna Gora
» Krynica Zdroj
» Rabka-Zdroj
» Szczyrk
» Szklarska Poreba
» Ustrron
» Wisla
» Zakopane
» Zawoja

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