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If you don’t ski much or you are just getting started, chances are good that you will be renting skis from a pro shop on the hill or in your town. The inevitable question at the end of the session is whether to buy ski insurance for those used, beat up and ugly skis you already are forking over some major bucks to use each day. With those skis and the smelly, damp boots, the prospect of paying more money to insure these old skis doesn’t seem like a necessary purchase. Of course, your personal health may be a different story and ski insurance can cover either case so it may be worth considering.

If you are truly getting started then the chances are you selected the “normal” package from your local ski rental place and not the sport/expert or demo package for more money--good choice. The next question, about whether ski insurance makes sense depends on the coverage offered--most ski insurance does not cover theft and only insures against damage and then it limits the type of damage not to include any damage the shop deems to have occurred when the skier was being reckless. Given this very limited amount of coverage offered, it should only cost $1-3 per day--that is all it is worth.

However, if you are an advanced skier then ski insurance may make sense for you. Generally more advanced skiers will rent the better equipment. If you ruin it, it will cost you major dollars (remember, the shop will charge you retail costs for replacement). The second consideration is that many advance skiers will go off-piste where the snow may be inconsistent and where the skis could get seriously mangled by tree roots or rocks. Here, if the cost is more like $5 or even $10 per day, ski insurance probably makes a lot of sense.

Ski Insurance

In terms of bodily injury, ski insurance rarely makes any sense. If you are skiing in a country where your normal health insurance has coverage (the country you live in), then most times your normal policy covers whatever you do to yourself on the ski slopes. The extra insurance you buy just saves your normal insurance company money--not really your concern. If you are in a foreign land, however, your insurance may not actually cover you and here the extra insurance probably makes a lot of sense. It will be offered by your travel agency, sometimes the resort and if not, you can buy a separate policy from most insurance companies.


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