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SkiGastein ski resort, Austria

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An exciting winter holiday is the cure of the winter blues, and SkiGastein ski resort in Austria's Alps is the perfect location for your next getaway. The ski resort is continually expanding and improving its facilities, giving you the latest features and facilities to ensure you have a fun and safe ski holiday.


You will feel right at home as soon as you step foot in SkiGastein. The area is rich with personality and warmth, creating a cozy and laid back atmosphere. You will find a range of lodging options in SkiGastein to suit everyone. From a private singleton room in a family home to a luxury suite at an elegant four star hotel, you can find accommodations to create the right mood for your trip.

The area also has charming bed and breakfasts, and two campgrounds with rustic lodges and RV hook-ups.


SkiGastein has four separate ski areas, each designed to suit various experience levels. The areas offer slopes from easy to extremely challenging, and have the a total of 53 lift methods that are sure to get you to the top of the slopes in a fast and efficient manner. Slopes range from 850 meters to 2,650 meters above sea level. Snowboarders are welcome on the Dorfgastein ski area as well as in the popular Snowpark Gastein, which has a number of exciting features for free-stylers.

The slopes are equipped with the latest anti-avalanche technology, which can both control and trigger masses of snow to prevent harm to you during ski season.

SkiGastein ski resort

Other Activities

When you aren't hitting the slopes in the winter months, your fun ski holiday can continue with a number of other activities. The winter months in SkiGastein is the perfect time for tobogganing, sledding, visiting the spa for a relaxing treatment, or improving your ski skills with a lesson at the SkiGastein ski school.

There's always a special event, sports function, or some other excitement in the city. Throughout the year, you can enjoy music festivals, ski and snowboarding demonstrations, community activities, and more fun for the whole family.

In summer, the snow melts away to reveal lush green mountains and beautiful lakes in the SkiGastein area. This is the perfect spot to enjoy a nature hike, go camping, and bike across the scenic landscape.



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