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Slovenia skiing

Slovenia ski hotels
flickr image by colinedwards99

The Republic of Slovenia, located in Central Europe, offers a host of smaller sized, picturesque ski resorts, mainly suited for beginner and intermediate level skiers. Advanced skiers may have to look elsewhere to find sufficient numbers of challenging slopes. Lessons are available at very reasonable prices. The main ski resort is Kransjka Gora, with snow-making facilities, and relaxed and friendly après-ski. The lakeside ski resort of Bled offers stunning views of Lake Bled.  

The friendly hospitality of the Slovenian people, the easy-going atmosphere, the uncrowded slopes, and the low prices make this country an excellent family skiing destination. Evenings are fun with excellent food in Slovenia restaurants.

Slovenia is a country with beautiful and varied landscapes that will leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Slovenian cuisine is simple and hearty, and has been heavily influenced by Hungarian, Italian, German, and Austrian cuisines. Slovenia is famous for its wine-making, which has existed in the region for many centuries. The country currently has more than 40,000 wineries. 

Slovenia Skiing



Slovenia ski resorts:

slovenia skiing Bohinj
Golte near Mozirje
Kanin near Bovec
Kobla in Bohinj
Kope near Slovenj Gradec
Kranjska Gora
peca Peca
Mariborsko Pohorje in Maribor
Vogel in Bohinj

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