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South Africa skiing

Ski hotels in South Africa


The Republic of South Africa is located on the far South of the African continent and not a main skiing destination.

Skiing in South Africa’s only ski resort, Tiffendell, high up in the Drakensberg Mountains, is something you could do on the side for a day or two, as part of a greater experience of enjoying the African wildlife and breathtaking nature. One thing that speaks in favor of skiing in South Africa is the timing of the season, which runs from June to August. Snowmaking machines are used to make sure those months offer the best slopes possible.  

The level of the slopes caters mainly to beginners, making the resort and good place to learn to ski. Skiing and snowboarding equipment is available for hire, so there is no need to bring your own gear. South Africa is one of those few skiing destinations where you can enjoy the snow in the morning and the sun in the afternoon, doing completely different activities. 


South Africa ski resorts:



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