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South Korea skiing

ski hotel sin south korea
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Excellent facilities, gorgeous surroundings, and ski resorts that offer many activities besides skiing are what make Korea and great skiing destination.

The Republic of Korea, as South Korea is officially called, is located in East Asia and offers some of the best skiing in Asia. Skiing in South Korea is very popular with the locals and can be a loud experience—heavy disco music will accompany you on your way down the slopes.

South Korean ski resorts all have modern facilities and offer slopes for most levels, as well as night skiing and sledging. As Korean slopes are crowded and often quite small, absolute beginners may need a sense of adventure here. Rental equipment and skiing lessons are available in all resorts.  

The ski season in this mountainous country runs from December to March even though most of the resorts rely heavily on snow making machines to offer skiing this long. Don’t expect to see too much real snow. Most of the ski resorts are within a few hours from Seoul, so combining your skiing holiday with a visit to this city (Korea’s number one tourist destination) is definitely possible. Korean cuisine (often quite spicy) is quite distinctive from Japanese and Chinese and certainly worth a try. 

South Korea skiing

South Korea ski resorts:

Alps Resort
Daemyung Vivaldi Park
Phoenix Park Resort
Suanbo Sajo

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